BrainSTORM: PET in Targeted Brain Theranostics and Education

Brain disorders are among the most serious health problems facing our society, causing human suffering and enormous societal costs. They are particularly challenging to study in vivo since it is not possible to access patient tissue, and the treatment is hampered by significant challenges, particularly within deep brain structures that are near impossible to access. New therapeutic approaches targeting the underlying disease mechanisms precisely are needed. Integrated therapy and diagnosis (theranostics) holds tremendous promise for addressing a range of challenges [1]. Brain theranostics involves design and development of molecular probes for imaging, monitoring and treatment of brain disease. This emerging field offers non-invasive therapy and diagnosis of a range of brain diseases[2]. However, there are significant challenges to overcome, such as blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeability, targeted and controlled delivery to specific brain regions as well as early disease diagnosis. The BrainSTORM project will address some of these challenges via multidisciplinary approaches to personalized precision medicine in the areas of Alzheimer´s disease, depression and brain cancer.

Objectives: BrainSTORM will generate knowledge, novel tools and innovative strategies for personalized precision medicine with focus on brain diseases through a highly integrated, education-oriented interdisciplinary approach.

I:Develop PET/SPECT-radiotracers and nanoparticle delivery systems selectively targeting brain receptors central to Alzheimer´s disease, depression and cancer.

II: Apply radiotracer systems to cutting-edge theranostics (therapy and diagnostics) and basic brain function studies on animal models.

III: Advance secondary and tertiary education within cutting-edge interdisciplinary science in health technology and its use in research, treatment and diagnosis of brain diseases.