Videregående skoler/utplassering/interesse for naturvitenskap?

Interessert i kjemi-forskning? hva er kjemi? hva gjør en kjemiker? Hvis du vil vite mer om kjemi eller muligheter til å ta del i forskningen som foregår på UiT, ta gjerne kontakt per e-post til meg direkte.


Undergraduate Research

Conducting research during your bachelor-studies can be a rewarding experience and will give you highly relevant skills and knowledge for further studies. Projects are available for interested undergraduate students and I strongly encourage considering this option if you intend to study or work in experimental chemistry going forward! Please contact me directly by e-mail or visit my office in REALF C406 for more information.


Masters Degree in Tromsø?

The M.Sc.-program at UiT is taught in English and offers a solid basic education in chemistry and in several specialized areas of chemistry. In addition, we enjoy an excellent research infrastructure. Check out details here.

UiT-My Place For A While


Doctoral studies or Postdoctoral Research in Tromsø?

Entry into the chemisty Ph.D.-program at UiT requires a Masters degree or equivalent from an approved institution and available funding. All positions will be published via If you are interested or eligible to apply for personal grants, please don’t hesitate to contact me with an enclosed CV and cover letter.


Stipend/Grant/Exchange Possibilities for Students and Scholars

Please check out possibilities for personal grants at all study levels through the following links:


The Humboldt Foundation

The Leif Eriksson Mobility Program

Fulbright stipends for American students

Fulbright stipends for American scholars

Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation

Japan-Norway Researcher mobility programme

Marie-Curie fellowships  (The Norwegian Research Council also provides top-up support for MC-fellows)

Norway-America Association (American student fellowships)

Norwegian Government Scholarships to Chinese Nationals

Personal Postdoctoral Fellowships from the Norwegian Research Council


Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Developing Countries


Quota Scholarships in Norway for Developing Countries

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund



Late fall in Tromsø

Late spring in Lyngenfjord - a few hours north of Tromsø

An extensive network of public hiking paths cover the entire Tromsø island