The Hansen Laboratory at UiT

Catalysis  –  Heterocycles  –  Medicines  –  Materials

Innovation in chemical synthesis and catalysis is the central theme of the Hansen research group. We are particularly interested in constructing molecules of importance for the global improvement of human health, society, welfare and industries. Current work is centered on computational and experimental investigations on generating bioactive heterocycles, host-guest technologies as well as lead-oriented synthesis of small-molecule medicinal compound libraries for addressing a range of health challenges.



25. nov, 2015
Our first collaborative paper with the Dept of Physics and Technology is publised in Optics Express, involving synthesis of cavitand heterocycles for applications in optical methane sensors - Congrats Magnus!
24. aug, 2015
The group´s first full research paper appeared in Organometallics asaps today - Congrats Taye!
8. jun, 2015
M.Sc. Phenias Buhire passed his Masters-Examination in Chemistry with the thesis entitled: "Vertical DOS with DBAs - Multivariate optimization and diversity exploration" – Congratulations to the group´s first chemistry master!
15. jan, 2015
The group was awarded a national grant from the Olav Thon Foundation! The official award ceremony will be March 5th.
20. aug, 2014
Marc joins the group as a Ph.D.-candidate. Welcome!
18. aug, 2014
Taye joins the group as a Postdoctoral Researcher in collaboration with Prof. Ruud at the Centre of Excellence in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (CTCC). Welcome!
4. aug, 2014
Urna joins the group as our first Ph.D.-candidate. Welcome!
15. jun, 2014
Preben Olsen passed his Masters-Examination in Chemical Didactics with the thesis entitled: "Forskningsprosessen i kjemi" – Congratulations Preben!
27. mai, 2014
Yngve Guttormsen passed his M.Sc.-Examination with the thesis entitled: "On the Synthesis of Breitfussins" – Congratulations Yngve!